ETR acknowledges young dads

It is slow going getting common perceptions to shift from the inaccurate. If a belief is deeply held, people tend towards confirmation bias. That is, they interpret the world in such a way as to see what they expect to see. When it comes to dads, we have been given a great many images and concepts that insinuate the primacy of mothers and the fragility of fathers' commitment to their children

Nothing could be further from the truth. Dads are devoted, like moms. Dads want to be with their children. If we observe significant amounts of separation of dads from their children, we need to look into that. It appears that ETR (Education, Training and Research) is opening up these questions... take a look at this article they published. They have done a great deal of work in the areas of the sexual and reproductive health of young people and it is gratifying to observe that they are looking at young fathers with a desire to understand, rather than assume and judge.

Thanks ETR.