Working with fathers

There's no one way to support dads... 

Many of the young men we work with need little in the way of encouragement to connect with their children. The vast majority of participants are determined and devoted from the beginning. Sometimes, we are a reassuring voice of encouragement, that can be poignant during tough times. Other times, we provide a guiding hand through uncharted territory, like family court, or Part C services, or negotiating educational options...



future men project

The FUTURE MEN PROJECT is a weekly mentoring group for boys in early adolescence. This intervention is delivered in small groups to boys who have been identified as being at risk due to behavioral or academic challenges. The groups consider cultural messages about manhood, their personal aspirations, self perceptions and relationships, in order to envision their path into healthy and responsible manhood.


Training and TECHNICAL support

FathersNM applies its experience and expertise to encourage community development and social change by helping other organizations to more effectively engage men.  FathersNM disseminates information as well as providing workshops and trainings on working with men, boys and fathers.

FathersNM also participates in coalitions, planning councils and in other ways to assist communities in considering the impacts of current practice on fathering. We encourage inquiries relevant to reviewing existing systems and developing new policy and practice to generate positive changes that:

  • ensure that children have both engaged and healthy parents,
  • strengthen the ability of noncustodial parents to care for their children
  • regardless of sex or gender, all people are supported by community institutions, and
  • implement models of practice to assess, engage and plan with fathers to enhance their active role as fathers to their children.