Fathers New Mexico helps young men become great fathers. FathersNM utilizes mentoring, teaching and group activities to establish trust and support with the fathers. The assistance we provide includes job placement, education, and connection with local services. FathersNM helps empower dads to be responsible healthy fathers, partners and community members. We connect with well over 150 dads a year and support positive outcomes for the whole family.

We believe in a positive masculinity and that men are at their best when being nurturing members of families and communities. We believe that community services would welcome supportive and positive men but often, and inadvertently, dissuade male participation and engagement. FathersNM employs its significant experience focusing on men to assist agencies at becoming more welcoming of men.

Similarly, FathersNM has engaged younger boys, who have not yet become parents but who have been identified as being at risk. Connection with other boys, having a conversation about masculinity and healthy choices, generates new perspective for struggling boys during the tumult of adolescence. This is the FUTURE MEN PROJECT, delivered in middle schools. 

Our Mission

Our mission and purpose is to provide support, resources, and skills to promote healthy and responsible fathering in young families. Fathers New Mexico nurtures connections between the father, the family, and the community to promote self, family, and community health.

We want to thank you for your support, in the many forms that that may take, and hope it continues as we serve as many New Mexico families as possible.
— Barry McIntosh, Founder of Fathers New Mexico

What We've Achieved

  • Since our founding, we have supported hundreds of fathers and families.
  • We have facilitated thousands of group meetings, in which dads build a sense of community and support for each other.
  • Our FUTURE MEN PROJECT has inspired many middle school aged boys to investigate healthy masculinity and consider their path in the future.
  • Trainings about working with men, boys and fathers have been provided at meetings and conferences, to national fatherhood providers and for specific agencies in New Mexico