The Value of Fathers

Our focus is on the role of father, and developing the strategies for supporting healthy fatherhood. Most of our outreach is directed at young fathers, folks who become fathers in their teens. These young men have inspired us with countless stories illustrating profound dedication, perseverance through challenging circumstances and consistent support for their children. 

Like so many mothers have shown us all, fathers can raise, love and nourish their children regardless of how much support they have. But, nobody parents alone and FathersNM encourages participants to connect with family, with organizations like ours and responsible friends to help them. Further, fathering is at its best when done in positive collaboration with mom, whether the parents are together or not.

FathersNM regularly observes low expectations that many have of fathers (particularly young fathers). As segments of our society, mostly unwittingly, reflect pessimistic views of fatherhood they contribute to further father absence. We are engaging service agencies that have little experience, or are challenged in working with men, to provide them an opportunity for learning about unintentional barriers and for strategizing on how to bring down those barriers.

FathersNM works to empower participating fathers and also works to empower agencies and programs to more effectively serve men and dads. Our community outreach promotes awareness of the importance of fatherhood. We deliver trainings and consultation that is directed at supporting other organizations and at moving social policy towards practice that is effective for moms and dads, males and females.



Fathers are important to children


Young Parenting Conference, the Town Hall, in Albuquerque, 3.28.17

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